Experiencing Life on the Farm

Farm Crawl 2015 Dates:

May 23rd (Saturday) and July 18th (Saturday).

Farm Crawl for 2015 is over -- stay tuned for 2016 information.  In the meantime, learn more about both the organizing and affiliate farms that participated in 2015.  

Please note that several of the farms on Farm Crawl are open to the public (Jerry's Berries/Lotsa Hostas, Weir's Lane Lavender & Apiary, Waterhall Farm, Fenwood Farm (their store is at their sawmill road location), Drummond Apple Farm, and Copetown Blueberry Farm).  The hours at these farms vary and some are only open certain times of the year.  Also find many of our farms at local farmer's markets .. Dundas, Ancaster, and Locke Street for instance.



A history of Farm Crawl ...

In 2011, the owners of ManoRun Organic Farm, Weir's Lane Lavender & Apiary, and Jerry's Berries (aka Lotsa Hostas) got together to brainstorm about a fun way to open up farms and to share their experiences of running a farm with the public. Thus, was the start of Farm Crawl Hamilton!  

Early in May 2012 these farms opened their doors to a crowd of around 60.  Each farm shared their experiences in unique and different ways. In July this crowd expanded more than three fold ... by the end of the July event, the organizers knew they had developed something special.

In 2013, the crawl was expanded to include a couple of other farms and in 2014 it expanded again.  Today, ask most locals who enjoy genuine experiences and want to understand how local farms operate and they'll likely tell you they've heard of and probably have attended Farm Crawl.  

Farm Crawl Hamilton is a non-profit organization run by the folks from the original three farms. An event run by farmers to ensure you enjoy a genuine experience.  Ticket sales cover the costs of  marketing, operating, and managing Farm Crawl.  Farm Crawl 2015 is expanding yet again and will be full of delights.

We look forward to seeing old and making new friends at this year's farm crawl!

Chris & Denise (ManoRun), Kevin & Abigail (Weir's Lane), and Jerry & Glenda (Lotsa Hostas/Jerry's Berries)