A Few Words About Us

Family run farms – up close and personal

Farm Crawl is an opportunity to get an inside look at the operations of many of our farms in Hamilton and the surrounding area. You choose which farms to visit and the ordering of the farms. Each farm is family run and your experience is designed by the farm. Please note that several of the farms on the farm crawl maintain regular hours when they are open to the public.


A history of Farm Crawl

in 2011, the owners of Manorun Organic Farm, Weir’s Lane Lavender & Apiary, and Jerry’s Berries (aka Lotsa Hostas) got together to brainstorm about a fun way to open up farms and to share their experiences with the public.  Thus, was the start of Farm Crawl Hamilton! Early in May 2012 these farms opened their doors to a crowd of around 60. Each farm shared their experiences in unique and different ways. In July, this crowd expanded more than three fold. By the end of the July event, the organizers knew they had developed something special.

In 2013, the crawl was expanded to include a couple of other farms and since then we’ve continued to expand the crawl to include farms that are located across Hamilton. Today, ask any local who enjoys genuine experiences and want to understand how local farms operate, and they’ll likely tell you they’ve heard of (and probably attended) farm crawl.

Farm Crawl Hamilton is a non-profit organization run by the folks from the original three farms. An event run by farmers to ensure you enjoy a genuine experience. Ticket sales cover the costs of marketing, operating, and managing farm crawl. We look forward to seeing old friends every year and making new ones at this year’s farm crawl!

Chris & Denise (Manorun), Kevin & Abigail (Weir’s Lane), and Jerry & Glenda (Lotsa Hostas/Jerry’s Berries)

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