Participating Farms 27 May 2017

All our farmers are excited to meet you and as such have planned a special day to enthrall you, excite you and of course educate you on their wonderful world.

Here is a short taste of what you can expect from each of the participating farms:

15 Orkney Rd, COPETOWN, ON

1000 different varieties of hostas, along with many conifers and perennials plants for you to enjoy as you wander through the gardens.  Glenda will be giving demonstration about her favourite perennial plants, yes, there are such things as low maintenance perennials.  Stop by to pick up your complimentary plant.
The Harvest Food Truck will be on site to provide for your lunch needs or picnic in the gardens.  Raspberry sundaes will also be available for purchase.

2435 HYW #5 WEST

Cow milking demonstrations
Tour through the barn and milking parlour
135 milking cows
observe how the milk is transported from the cow to the dairy
Lammert is a wealth of knowledge, he practices mob grazing with his herd, this is one stop you do not want to miss.

Come into the pen and meet these characters, 3 Berkshire piglets……..oh so cute
Our Muscovy ducklings, a ball of fluff and so soft, yes, you may touch them.  What are a group of ducklings called?
Pure maple syrup from our sugar maple trees.  Boiled and produced on our farm.  How much sap does it take to make 1 litre of maple syrup and how long does it boil before it becomes syrup.
There will be maple syrup tasting.
Farm fresh eggs, preserves and other products available for purchase.

21 Orkney Rd, COPETOWN, ON

Enjoy a guided tour through the raspberry patch, a prima cane, flora cane, see and learn how these wild bramberries become well desciplined upright soldiers, to make picking so much easier for you.
Farm fresh jams available for purchase.

27 RONALD RD (Off Jerserville Rd) BRANTFORD

Heart’s Content is a certified organic farm, which has a CSA membership of 35 and sells  its products locally. Permaculture practices have been introduced to the farm recently.

It is also an herbalist’s haven where you can find countless medicinal herbs, plants and wildflowers all along the property growing both wild and in the gardens. Herb and Plant walks  will be led by Naturopath Richard Tunstall  on farm crawl days.

Herb and Plant Walk: 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.


2572 Jerseyville road west

Chickabee farm is a permaculture designed property with over 80 fruit trees a hundred berry bushes, pasture raised hens and nearly 50 hives. Located on only .9 Acre this is a highly productive homestead farm. Join us at 10am and 2pm for a discussion on Nature’s bounty. Shawn will discuss how he is turning 6 hives into 40 and the development of the plant propagation nursery, turning one tree into dozens including root division, grafting, layering and other propagation techniques.

782 hwy #52,

Nut crunching with Adelle (our sow) and her teenage boys(pigs that is).
Milking with Gemma (our new dairy cow) and her calf – born May 16th..
Growing mushrooms with logs a “how to” demonstration.

Please feel free to print our map or make use of the CRAWL AllXS app

FarmCrawl Map May 2017