How do I get to the farms?
Farm Crawl is a self-directed event where the participants drive themselves from farm to farm.
You choose what farms to visit and in what order. You also choose how much time to spend at
each farm. We suggest planning for a 10 – 30 minute drive between farms. Here is the map of
the participating farms.
Is there a shuttle bus to the different farms?
No, Farm Crawl does not have a shuttle bus service. Participants drive themselves from
farm-to-farm, choosing the order of the farms they visit as well as how long they want to spend
at each farm.
How will I find the different farms?
We provide maps to Farm Crawl participants. You can download a map here: LINK Participating
farms will also have signs at the road to help you find them a little more easily.
Will I visit all the farms in one day?
There are many farms participating in Farm Crawl and, although it is possible to visit them all in
one day, you might find you don’t get the most from your experience because you won’t have
much time to spend at each farm. If traveling with children we recommend planning on visiting
3-5 farms. If traveling with adults we suggest choosing the 7-9 farms you would like to visit
Visit this part of the website to learn about the different farms and begin planning your day!
What if it’s raining?
Farm Crawl is a rain or shine event. Some farms have areas inside where you can wait out the
weather. Things may get a little muddy but most people put on some boots and enjoy the day
How much are tickets?
Tickets can be purchased in advance (up until the Sunday before the crawl) for $15 for adults
and $5 for youth (5-16 years old), children under 5 are free. Tickets can also be purchased on
the day of the crawl for $15 for adults, $5 for youth (5-16 years Old) and children under 5 are
Why does Farm Crawl cost money? Aren’t these farms open to the public anyway?
The Farm Crawl event is run by a non-profit and the cost of the event is used to run future Farm
Crawls. Some of our expenses include marketing, our website and a part-time assistant to help
the event run smoothly. Some of the participating farms are open to the public regularly but
many are not open. We also encourage all farms participating in Farm Crawl to have something
special for Farm Crawlers.