Ballantrae Garlic Farm

Most people aren’t aware of just how many types of garlic there are since they seldom see more than one type available at the local supermarket. In fact, there are over 600 cultivated sub-varieties each with their own unique characteristics. Size, colour, shape, taste, number of cloves per bulb, pungency and storability are just some of the unique traits of garlic.

Spend 10 minutes speaking with Paula and you will feel the passion she has for garlic and its wonderful history, culture and flavours.

At Ballantrae Garlic Farm, all of our garlic is grown organically from clove to harvest. Using low impact, organic farming practices, we hand plant each garlic clove in the fall. When the early signs of spring arrive, the hardy plants push their way through the mulch and begin their summer growth. All the beds are nourished, watered, and hand weeded throughout the spring and summer until the bulbs are mature and ready to be hand harvested. Each summer’s crop is then carefully cleaned and hung to cure for a few weeks until it is ready to ship to you. 

Growing organic heritage varieties of garlic from around the world is our passion. The foundation for our boutique approach to growing is patience. In some cases, we started with a single bulb and developed our inventory over several growing seasons before it was made available to the public. We like to think of our team at Ballantrae Farm as curators of the gourmet garlic world.


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