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Home of the famous Extremely Bitter Apricot Kernels…Certified Organic!


We love apricot kernels!  Also known interchangeably as apricot seeds.  The characteristic of Vitamin B17 as it may be known as, is the bitter taste.  They are actually supposed to be bitter, as that is how you gain the most benefits from them.  We have coined the phrase, “the bitter the better!”  For this reason we have also have been growing our very own unique brand of apricot kernels called Extreme Bitter!  This brand is an exclusive cultivar to Our Father’s Farm.  It means that the kernels are consistently bitter and they are a unique variety that we produce.  They are not available from any other source!  At the same time, we only produce a certain amount each year. The demand is greater than the supply.

The other variety of apricot kernels that we offer are the bitter apricot kernels.  They are approximately 80% bitter with about 20% sweet kernels. This mix actually occurs during the pollination process.  The bitter variety gets mixed together through the cross pollination occurrence.  This brand that we provide is gaining popularity but still does not compare with our Extreme Bitter brand.




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