Simpler Thyme

At Simpler Thyme our mission is to support a sustainable food system by growing and providing food with the utmost integrity. We grow organic produce and work to benefit our communities by offering nourishing food and educating others about natural farming, healthy eating, homesteading, and other related areas. We love sharing what we know and hope to see you on the farm and at our market soon!

With our commitment to natural and sustainable practices, Simpler Thyme has minimal tillage and soil compression, and uses crop rotation, mulching, composting, green manure, Hugelkultur and permaculture techniques. An important part of our focus is to help create an ecosystem that allows for diversity and flourishing of many species, including birds, butterflies, bees, snakes, frogs, and more. We also collect waste produce from local organic and natural businesses to feed our pigs, chickens and ducks and to create compost for our fields.


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